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W.W. Grainger, Inc. is a business-to-business distributor of maintenance, repair, operating supplies and services to over 3 million businesses and institutions worldwide through sales representatives, catalogs, e-commerce and local branches. Products offered by Grainger include material handling equipment, safety and security supplies, lighting and electrical products, power and hand tools, pumps and plumbing supplies, janitorial and maintenance supplies, building and home inspection supplies, vehicle and fleet components, and various other items primarily focused on the facilities maintenance market. The services offered primarily relate to inventory management solutions and technical support. Grainger’s customers represent a broad collection of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, government, and hospitality. More than 4,800 key manufacturers supply Grainger with 1.5 million products stocked in Grainger’s distribution centers and branches. Grainger has the necessary supplies to keep manufacturing facilities running right, from the tool crib to the assembly line, to the production floor, and everywhere else.

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