About Us

FSE…  Focused, Selective, & Experienced


FSE Connect is a strategic sourcing company.  In 2020 our ”pivot” has allowed us to work with two additional (tangential) industries to the Commercial Foodservice Equipment Industry; Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers and HVAC Equipment Manufacturers.  While we still utilize our network to connect suppliers & manufactures, our network now reaches over 50,000 professionals in over 600 companies.  We keep our network informed daily with product spotlights, supplier highlights, market trends, and industry news through our webpage, social media, and subscribed email updates.  FSE Connect currently includes 350 suppliers in over 280 unique product categories!



FSE Connect is a unique concept in today’s world where large search engine and multi-market sourcing websites have become the norm… often with little to no relevancy.  FSE Connect focuses only on Foodservice, HVAC, and Refrigeration Equipment, their OEMs and their suppliers specific to those industries… one website for both the OEM and the supplier to streamline and maximize their efforts!



FSE Connect only works with the very best suppliers in the  industry… Who says so? The OEMs themselves; A supplier panel selected from the top OEMs approves each supplier and it’s the collective ratings that keep each supplier on the website.  As we continue to add supplier, it’s the OEM that approves the addition.  Only the top suppliers in each category are privy to working through FSE Connect!



Every FSE Connect supplier is currently supplying our OEMs and is looking to grow. Market knowledge, regulatory requirements, and industry standards are all common practice for these suppliers of choice.  All of the “Premier” the suppliers on FSE Connect have been awarded for their support to their respective customers in the foodservice, HVAC, and refrigeration equipment industries!



Success by its very definition is a positive result, and connecting successful companies with successful companies is the goal of FSE Connect. Connect today and achieve your next success!