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Cost-Effective, Reliable, Uniform Heating with Datec Thick Film Heater

Datec’s patented mica-TF® heater offers an ideal replacement for aluminum foil, tubular, silicone rubber, or mica wound wire heaters.

Datec thick film heating element is printed directly on mica, creating uniform heat without hot or cold spots. This cost-effective, lightweight solution offers uncompromising, unparalleled performance.

Benefits of Datec mica-TF® Heater

Datec mica-TF® Heater compared to aluminum foil heater

From Design Validation to Prototype

Datec collaborates with the customer to design, engineer, prototype, and test heaters specific to the application requirement. We use advanced thermal simulation software to predict the performance even before building the heater.

Datec Product offering

mica-TF Thick film heater printed on mica Food Holding & Serving
Glass-TF Thick film heater printed on glass-ceramic Food Holding & serving
Stainless-TF Thick film heater printed on Stainless Steel Cooking

Advantages of Working with Datec

We Work as an Extension of Your Engineering Team



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