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Melrose Park, IL 60160
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CTI Global Solutions is a world-class supplier of machine parts and made to print industrial and automotive fasteners. Providing level 3 PPAPS to select OEMs and large distributors is our specialty. We maintain long term relationships with our high quality, manufacturing suppliers in Taiwan – all finishing and final QA inspection takes place at our US facilities. Highly specialized and complicated machined parts are no problem for any of our manufacturing partners. All components are ISO:9001-2015 certified and compliant.

CTI Global Solutions offers supply chain solutions to our customers, along with products that will meet all types of manufacturing production needs for a variety of devices, technologies and platforms.  We are a high-quality supplier that only offers high quality components and we have vast experience in the industry.


– Quality Inspections

– Manufacturing

– Finishing

– Inventory Management

CTI Global Solutions finds opportunities that are developing in order to increase efficiency and we do so with ongoing analysis of your business.  We will provide you with a faster and more efficient supply chain that will grow as your company grows.


– Analyze historical usage and industry trend data to improve forecast accuracy

– Assessment and consultation

– Compliance and import/export expertise

– Excess and outdated mitigations

– Forecasting demand

– Guaranteed compliance with government regulations

– Holistic review of the operations of your company to identify areas of opportunity

– Quarterly business reviews

– Scheduled reviews of delivery, cost savings, volumes, quality and productivity metrics

– Utilize our global parts database to reduce excess and outdated inventory liability

Sourcing and Material Management

– Inventory replenishment

– Collaborate with global partner suppliers to recognize common parts to lessen the number of suppliers and reduce the supply chain risk

– Allow for global visibility to inventory and demand requirements with our inventory management system

– Monitor global prices to choose and maintain the best prices

– Pricing stability

– Vendor consolidation

– Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

– Design a VMI program to meet the specific needs and goals of your company

Implementation and Delivery

– Complete logistics, quality services and engineering throughout the value chain from planning phase, product development to final delivery

– Custom labeling, packaging, kitting and pre-assembly

– Direct line feed (DLF)

– Dock-to-dock

– Full-service provider (FSP)

– Increase your output by removing steps from your production cycle

– Shipments from our warehouses to your facility based on forecasted or purchase order requests

– Supply and delivery of parts

Systems and Technology

– Consolidated invoicing

– Continuous improvement

– Create a dedicated web portal for project sharing and facility information

– Create custom usage reports

– Custom reporting

– Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

– Link our inventory, invoicing systems and quality to yours for greater collaboration

– Offer daily, weekly or monthly invoices

– Partner portals

– System integration

Specialty Solutions

We provide our customers with solutions from our tunnels and components divisions in order to meet the unique demands of specialized industries.

Components Division

Our components division provides our customers with reliable service, along with on-time delivery, easy ordering online and a wide range of parts.

Sofrasar Tunnels Division

Our vast experience and expertise allow us to provide the best solutions for our customers in order to meet the unique needs of tunnel construction initiatives around the world.


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