Commercial Insulated Glass

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CIG’s exclusive HeatClear® heated insulating glass unit is a superior product especially designed for the refrigeration industry. Our state of the art Clear-E units utilizes CIG’s unique, patented Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating process. Through the use of this method the molecular structure of the glass surface is actually changed resulting in exceptional thermal performance, improved clarity and increased energy savings. Condensation is virtually eliminated as the electroconductive glass provides warmth to the glass surface. And CIG’s patented HeatClear® heated units can be customized for any environment, are UL Underwriters Laboratory component program and offer a versatile solution for the most demanding applications where condensation is a problem. CIG’s technical services department can provide computer performance e.g. U-value, solar heat gain coefficients, shading analysis methods and other technical data consistent with the rating procedure to develop new products and to rate and compare characteristics of all types of window, display doors, and insulation glass products.

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