Ayvaz Americas

787 Dewey Ave
Warwick, RI 02886
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Ayvaz has been supplying flexible metal hoses for over 40 years worldwide and has been providing valves for all risky and residential areas since 1948.

Since Ayvaz introduced the first flexible metal hose, Ayvaz has made more than 200,000,000 hoses in our manufacturing all around the world including the USA, Bulgaria, Poland, and Turkey.

Ayvaz has combined traditional background with the latest technology to its manufacturing facilities. Ayvaz has adapted industry 4.0, which is well known as the automation of traditional manufacturing, enabling a fully transparent and highly efficient production set up to deliver quality products to our global customers.
















Ayvaz’s primary goal is to be a global supplier that services all customers with a local mentality and presence. In 2020, Ayvaz has invested in the USA establishing AYVAZ AMERICAS to meet the growing demands of the North American Market.

The idea of a full gas fitting device for commercial kitchens requires very strict standards and tolerances. The AYVAZ produced CSA 6.16 Gas Hose and Connector is manufactured utilizing specialized accessories to boost safety, performance, and productivity.


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