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Archer Wire forms and finishes wire and metal products for a variety of industries. By practicing  ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, Archer Wire delivers the best quality you expect from a key business partner.  Your one-stop shop for  wire/steel fabricating and finishing needs. Archer Wire works with you through the entire process.  Product Cycle; from design/engineering through coating and final delivery, they offer value added services such as assembly, warehousing and importing!

– Archer Wire has been in business since 1943 and their customers include the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances, barbecue grills, food service equipment, sporting goods, retailers and various commercial hardware companies

– Archer Wire’s manufacturing and coating is “under one roof,” which ensures quality products and timely delivery

– Archer Wire’s overseas import capabilities allows them to provide an option for lower-cost product without the “hassle” of dealing with importers

– Archer Wire is ISO 9001:2015 certified


Archer Wire work very closely with their customers, starting with design and engineering:

– If the customer design is finalized, they can build to the specifications

– Archer Wire’s team of engineers, utilizing the latest CAD software such as Solid Works, can help identify design modifications for more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing

– Archer Wire’s dedicated prototype department can manufacture samples quickly to illustrate proposed designs


– Archer Wire has over 500,000 square feet of equipment to help ensure timely, efficient manufacturing, including:

– Robotic welders

– 3-dimensional bending machines

– High-speed welders for large runs

– Break presses, punch presses up to 300 ton and turrets

– Archer Wire machines can handle wire diameters from .054″ through .500″

– Archer Wire is very familiar with tight-tolerance and high weld-strength applications

Custom Wire Racks and Wire Shelving

The Benefits of Custom Wire Racks and Wire Shelving with Archer Wire

Crafting and building wire racks and wire shelving are in our DNA. Having helped many partners over many decades, we have built millions of wire racks and wire shelving that serve a handful of industries. The sports and food industry are among them. Quality, productivity, and precision manufacturing are supported by our state of the art robotic welding machines, large production facility of >500,000 square feet, 3-dimensional bending machines, and more to support large runs.

Equipment and Material for Wire Racks and Wire Shelving with Archer Wire

To give you piece of mind and ensure quality, we apply food grade stainless steel and heat-resistant properties that will meet or exceed your requirements. Furthermore, our machines handle wire diameters from .054″ through .500, which offer lots of flexibility in creating a wide variety of designs for custom wire racks and wire shelving to fit any refrigeration unit, oven, grill, and more!



Nickel/Trivalent Chrome

Porcelain Enamel

Powder Paint

Vinyl Coating


– Assembly — we can procure additional components (e.g., casters, knobs, bags) to assemble a customer-ready product

– Packaging — we work with the leading packaging suppliers to ensure the proper packaging for your product

– Warehousing — we can maintain product on our floor and release when you need the product or drop-ship to the end customers

– Importing — through our partnership with a China supplier, we can eliminate the “hassle” of importing for you and “blend” imported product with our own, resulting in lower prices


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