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Brukar Inc. is an offshore contract manufacturer of custom metal components with a stable base of over 50 suppliers located in China, India, Taiwan and Thailand.  Established in 1985, Brukar supplies high quality, globally competitive prices, and on time custom parts for its OEM customers located in the United States, Canada and Europe.   Our goal is to act as the “offshore supplier, down the street”.  Headquartered near Toronto, Canada with warehouse capacity of over 50,000 square feet, we offer vendor managed inventory solutions as needed. This allows our customers to reduce the amount of on-hand inventory while still benefiting from the pricing advantage of buying offshore without the long lead time. Parts can be shipped on-demand virtually anywhere in the continental United States or Canada and received in five business days or less.

Brukar has a strong quality and engineering team situated overseas and in Canada. Our overseas team inspects all parts before they are dispatched to our warehouse in Canada, while our Canadian team provides monitoring and customer support.  This commitment to quality helps Brukar maintain a very low reject rate required by our customers.

Brukar’s group of carefully selected and audited suppliers help Brukar provide our customers with metal components produced in a variety of methods, including but not limited to; aluminum die castings, steel and stainless steel castings, machined components, machined extrusions, sub assemblies, and weldments.

Brukar’s customers represent a wide range of industries including food service, medical, welding, construction, test & measurement, mining, and agriculture.

Let Brukar eliminate the hassle of offshore sourcing and give us a call today to see how we can help you meet your sourcing, inventory management and cost reduction goals.

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