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Hughes-Peters is a multi-regional distributor of interconnect, passive and electromechanical products with value-added services that provide solutions to our partnered customers. Corporately located in Dayton, Ohio, Hughes-Peters has twelve branch locations in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Texas.

Value Proposition & Value Added Services:

The Hughes-Peters Value Proposition is that we are a Multi-regional IP&E distributor that services OEM’s and CEM’s. Our inventory model is built around our partnered customers to manage their pipeline of components. We have a Best-in-class line card and we offer true flexibility in our service to the customer, including our Value-Added services.
As technologies evolve along with the launch of new products and processes, Hughes-Peters continues to remain on the cutting edge. We are dedicated to creating and offering value that best supports our customers’ needs. That includes – Inventory Management, Kanbans, Wireless warehouse, Point of Use delivery and being a low cost provider of parts and services.

Hughes-Peters Products Include:




     Fans & Thermal Management

     Frequency Control

     Fuses & Circuit Protection






     Pots & Trimmers

     Power Supplies






     Sound Devices


     Wire & Cable

Hughes-Peters History

Most recently on July 6, 2020, Hughes-Peters acquired Tonar Industries, Inc., a single location company headquartered in Rockaway, New Jersey.  The acquisition of Tonar Industries, Inc. expands the Hughes-Peters territory east, servicing customers in New York Metro, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern Connecticut.  This acquisition is the fourth by Hughes-Peters since current ownership purchased the company in 1999 and increases their number of branches to twelve.

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